Augmented Reality
Bring physical objects to life on your screen
augmented reality body table phone
Marker Based AR
Make any physical object come to life on your screen, with an interactive and augmented experience right in front of you
Geolocation Based AR
Make an interactive augmented experience appear on your screen based on your current geolocation, without any physical objects needed.

3D modeling

We recreate your object into a 3D animated model and use your physical object to trigger the AR effect.

AR Mobile App

Our AR solutions are built into your very own custom mobile app, that will work on Android and iOS Devices. You can add additional sections outside of AR into your app.

Street Walking Tours

Turn street art, road signs or any outdoor object into a self guided tour that includes a map of all locations to visit.

Treasure Hunts

Send your users on a treasure hunt to find certain objects that come to life, when an object has been found a clue will appear to guide them to the next location.

Interactive Games

Turn your AR experience into an interactive game, where you can interact and engage with the AR experience.

Engaging Education

We can use AR for interactive and educational purposes, scan your AR app over your body and watch your bones appear on the screen. We can be as creative and educational as you like.

Marketing & Promotion

Promote information and marketing around your products by turning them into an augmented experience, scan your business card for users to contact you directly with a tap of the screen or even have a video play automatically.

Check out some AR examples

Street Art AR App
AR Business Card
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