Apps & AR


App Development

We don’t just do app development, we design your app to create an immersive experience that will  ensure your users keep on coming back to use it. An experience is always just as important as having an app! Our app development portfolio includes startups, national brands, and Government enterprises. 

Choosing the Right App For You

Our apps are always built for iOS (Apple) and Android devices, there are a few types of apps that can be created depending on your needs. This could be a native app or a Hybrid app, sometimes you may even need a web app to work online for desktop devices.

Apps For Business

We've worked with all sorts of industries and business types, which sometimes means that we build apps to connect to your exisiting technology or systems - so everything talks to each other in real time. Whether its a festival or event, tourism, fishing, competitions, Employee engagement, Training & staff management... we've covered it and have worked with over 200 businesses across the board of industries. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) enables users to see the world in a whole new way, using our mobile apps we turn real life objects and locations into an AR experience that you can watch come to life on your screen.

We’ll build, design, create and publish your AR app (on both Apple and Android) for your audience to download and better interact with your products. service or even local areas.