To get game changing results, you need to start focusing on game changing thoughts and that is what we love to teach!

Thanks to our broad expertice and experience, we can offer consultation and support through various avenues to help you and your business. Short consultation can be provided for review on specific items or have our staff attend your premises for the duration of the project, the choice is yours. Check out our consultation options to see which would suit your requirement.

One-off Consultation or reviews

Sometimes we need someone to look at things with fresh eyes, whether this is to seek improvements on your current digital processes, procedures, system set up, existing functionality or to bring new ideas throughout areas of your business. We can review and write you up a report on your requirement, review and then provide step by step solutions and recommendations for improvements.

Project Consultation

Starting a new project or sourcing new providers can be a daunting and detrimental task, especially if you havent worked in a digital space before. Fortunately you have us to help you through this process, help you understand terminology and focus on the considerations that are essential to making the right choices with a wholistic approach.

Our consultants are available for off site or onsite support and will be available for as long as you need - whether this be during the beginning stages of your project or throughout the end-to-end process. We will be here to support you and your team throughout this process, offer guidance and assistance and also provide documentation. Below are some examples of our offering:

Project Management

If you don't have a dedicated Project Manager for your digital project, you can borrow one of ours! Collectively, we have managed over 600 projects and believe we have the process down to a fine art. 

We practice, live and breath project methodolgies and are particlar fans of using the Waterfall, Agile, Prince2 and SCRUM models and approaches. We'll take out the tideous tasks, endless documentation, timelines and planning as well as stakeholder management off your plate. We'll offer a project manager on-site for the end-to-end process or just to kick off your project, the choice is yours.