Ongoing support, maintenance and enhancements are essential for any website, system or program to keep up to date, safe and secure. Think of it like buying a brand new car, in order to keep the car running and longer lasting you need to get it serviced every now and then - this is exactly what needs to happen for your digital platforms.

We're always available for assistance if you're working on your website and hit a snag or find a specific issue that you need fixed, or help with, our developers are on standby during business hours and will raise a support ticket to attend to and resolve your issue.

  • Website support and help
  • Email support and help
  • Security updates and releases
  • Enhancements and new features
  • System Health analysis
  • System updates
  • Plugin and Module update
  • Data maintenance and integration
  • Data and technical migrations

Support Plans

We offer two support plans to suit your needs, our approaches give you the flexibility to choose between a block of hours to utilise each calendar month on any of the services we offer or you can choose a pay as you go offering.

Support Agreement: you can pre-pay a block of hours on a support plan and use them on any of our services we offer, prepaying a block of hours allows us to allocate a resource for planned support and maintenance which gives you a lower discounted rate. If you need assistance at any time during business hours, you support ticket will be reviewed as a high priority customer and we will guarantee a response within 2 hours.

Pay as you go: If you would prefer to just contact us as you need, you can pay for what you use which will be at the full rate per hour. Your support ticket will be allocated and responded to within 8 hours along with an estimate of effort for you decide whether you would like to go ahead or not. 


Ongoing maintenance of your website or platform is a must, this will ensure you have a smoother running platform or application and will encounter less problems down the track. We like to conduct a full health check of your technology, which is a little like looking under the hood of the car to assess its status and stability. 

From there, we ensure your platform is always safe, secure and up to date - the last thing you would want is your site being hacked into because of a missed update!


Over time, your website will eventually start to become a little dated with its look and feel, functionality or due to new technologies being released. Thanks to our expertise and up to date knowledge of trends and new offerings, we'll ensure you website or system has the latest features and functions while adhering to compliance and WCAG standards - while adding something a little cooler than your competitors.